When is a good rest day?

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CrossFit! Oh CrossFit! The things you do to my body….

👍🏼Starting a new training regimen

🙌🏼 restarting after time off

👊🏻 adding more volume

👆🏻shifting your focus

🤚🏼modifying for injury

…. no matter what stage of the CF game you’re in, determining when and how often to “rest” can be a challenge. What’s rest, you ask? Yea, then you definitely are over due for some 😑

What we typically tell our NEW athletes, (yes, “new” also includes those who have not been consistent or are new to the BCCF programming) is that you need to start with a 2 days on, 1 day off cycle, for at least the first month. Then, advance to 3 on, 1 off – for a while. There’s no one size fits all answer, but this suggestion allows your nervous system (and muscles of course) to have time to be used and abused, then rebuilt.

Without this “rebuild” or “rest” day your muscles don’t have time to recover, and you’ll plateau. Or worse, regress, get injured… it’s all bad news bears 🐻

You’ve heard it… “CrossFit injures people” no, people, you injure yourselves, because you don’t listen to your body!!

You’re going to be sore. That’s the point. You have to feel uncomfortable to progress. If you’re sore, (like, actually SORE- not, in PAIN) the answer often is not to do nothing until it goes away, you need to flush the muscles (not abuse them again), but reuse them – (day 2!) to get that tightness out.

Above all. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the grace your body needs to adjust/readjust/modify/add to CrossFit, and you’ll fly with the best of em, young Padawan. 💫



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