SO. You joined a CrossFit gym. congratulations! Now what? 

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SO. You joined a CrossFit gym. congratulations! Now what? 

You go to group class, you listen to the coach, you load the bar and you do what everyone else is doing. The workout calls for 21-15-9 Pull ups… you’ve never even done ONE- but you’re new, you don’t feel comfortable asking questions, so you do them anyways. Later that night… “ouch. my shoulder hurts….”

Im sure you’ve heard it, “CrossFit is different” “The classes are smaller” “the community is great” Yea, I get it, but how do I, as a new athlete, get from point A to point B if there is only ONE workout for every single person to do? How do I know how to scale a pull up? I don’t feel comfortable asking and the class is big, I don’t want to look dumb…


If you’re reading this, consider yourself lucky… to have stumbled across THIS box. 

Unlike the numerous others that have opened their doors around us since our first days in 2010, we have the benefit of experience. We have 9 years of toying with programming, and have come up with a solution that benefits everyone, but particularly, YOU, the athlete.

What sets us apart? 2 levels of methodical programming. Fitness vs. Performance. 

Fitness: For the beginner to intermediate athlete (to Cross Fit – no, you’re 2+ years as a Y member does NOT count). As a new member at Beer City and/or South Charlotte CrossFit, you will be here for anywhere from 3-6 months

It’s goal is to:

  1. Get your body familiar to the CrossFit stimulus 
  2. Strengthen you in the large compound movements (ie. squat, deadlift, press) that will eventually transfer into dynamic movements (snatch, clean, jerk).

Performance: For the intermediate to advanced athlete (to CrossFit, i.e.. coming from another CF gym). There is no “one size fits all” for timing on advancing into performance – you are unique, and we treat you as such. With time, your compound movements will strengthen, as will your confidence and desire to achieve more

Its goal is to:

  1. Introduce you to loaded dynamic movement (clean, jerk, snatch)
  2. Increase intensity 

TWO groups of individuals, TWO different programs, ONE class. The guess work is taken out, mitigating injury and gradually advancing your performance. 

Still feeling lost or stagnant at your CrossFit gym? Maybe its time you find a new home.



Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach