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15th Team Finish – Atlantic Region, 2017 Top 25 Team Finish 2015 & 2016 Crossfit Open

At Beer City CrossFit, we offer a number of high level competitive program designs to prepare experienced CrossFit athletes for the demands of the CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games. Our co-owner, Competition Team coach and lead programmer, Jeremy McDonnell, has over 9 years of CrossFit experience and an extensive international athletic history as a competitive swimmer and coach.


Athletes MUST be able to RX 98% of Beer City CrossFit Level 2 programming, have the desire to compete in CrossFit at the highest levels, commit to a 30% increase in training volume and be held accountable for attendance.  Aspects of this programming will be individually designed and focus on specific individual weaknesses.

Program Structure

Competition 1 (C1)

Designed to improve athletes upper body pushing and pulling absolute strength & Gymnastics, with an energy system focus on aerobic capacity development.  On average, this training group is well suited for female competitors with limited athletic history requiring upper body strength.

Competition 2: (C2)

Designed to improve athletes ability to perform repeatable high skill movements under a variety of energy systems and time domains.  On average, this training group is well suited for male or female competitors with good neurological understanding of high skill CrossFit moments and solid upper body strength. (Snatch, C&J, MU, HSPU, etc).

Strong: (S)

Designed to improve absolute strength through programmed strength templates.  This training group conducts no additional energy system training and is designed to complement existing strength cycles conducted in Group Classes.  On average, this training group is well suited for male or female competitors with a good aerobic base and limited strength training history, athletes that are “faster than strong”.

SOF Wods:

Military Special Operations preparation and mentoring for aspiring Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Air Force Combat Control, Air Force Pararescue, Marine Force Recon, etc. www.sofwods.com

If you are interested in these options, or have competitive CrossFit aspirations please e-mail Jeremy at info@southcharlottecrossfit.com to schedule a consultation.

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