New year resolution: “I’m gonna eat right!”

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Here we are, another January is HERE. How did this happen?!

After the craziness of the holiday season winds down, we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another new year, another opportunity for a fresh start, and although the thought is uplifting, for some, it can be just as overwhelming – particularly when it comes to setting ‘resolutions’ with high expectations of ourselves.

The biggest I keep hearing around the box “i’m going to start eating right”

I love it. I seriously do. Mostly, because it means I have people in the same boat I am in (for me, the holidays were filled with sweet potato casserole, red velvet cake and lots of whisky – healthy, huh?) BUUUTTTT… I’ve heard it before, an athlete who has fallen off the healthy wagon, hops back on in January… does great for a few weeks… then promotions for Valentines candy hit the end caps at Ingles and sh*t hits the fan.. a cart full of chocolate hearts and wine later… resolution fail.

Which is why I’m writing this blog. I was talking with an athlete at the box the other day, about the up and coming Lurong Living Nutritional Challenge that we’ve decided to participate in as a gym… and he asked me “but, why would I pay $55 to eat right” my answer, for the first time in years, came naturally: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Why did you join Beer City CrossFit? Accountability.

Why did you stay at Beer City CrossFit? Community. (and amazing programming. and awesome class times. and a sweet space. and a closed running route. and outdoor training space… but hey who’s paying attention anyways? ;-P) Changing any habit, whether it be a new fitness regimen, training time, diet…. all of it is damn near impossible without having the accountability of a friend, partner, or better yet, the group of people you crush with EVERYDAY… the people who have the same goals as you, to be healthy, get strong and look good naked (bikini season is 2 months away!!!).

The Lurong challenge is 5 weeks. They have 3 levels of diet guide lines. YOU decide what level YOU want for each meal. They provide meal plans and a shopping list. The results are tracked and measurable. WE will have weekly challenge socials to support one another. YOU GET A FREE BAG OF PROTEIN ($55 retail pays itself.) Every registration provides support directly to Barbells for Boobs. There really is no downside.

bottom line(s).

  1. Your fitness will not reach is maximum capacity, with a shitty diet.
  3. most importantly:  INVEST IN YOURSELF. YOU’RE WORTH IT.

Challenge begins Jan 15. You in? www.challengeseries.lurongliving.com



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