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June Athlete of the Month

By June 14, 2017December 10th, 2017No Comments

Morgan Grigsby!


It goes without saying… this woman has it all (you’re a lucky man Nate!). She encompasses what it means to NFQ (never fucking quit. there. i typed it)- a motto our trifecta has lived by from the get-go. She comes to the gym, sometimes on her own… and crushes her personal program design WODs from Jeremy (which is an entirely different level on their own), only to then go on and do the regularly scheduled WOD later that day…. with a GENUINE smile, nonetheless! She is constantly looking for ways to improve herself, asking for direction, taking suggestions when their offered and putting in the extra work where its needed. If any of you have had the opportunity to work out next to, or around her, you know that her positivity is unparalleled. She cheers every person on, in the middle of her own suck, because she wants to not only succeed herself – but she wants to see everyone else around her succeed as well… genuinely! She compliments you when the thought crosses her mind, she’s sarcastic enough to make a crowded room giggle… I mean, it just doesn’t end. Beer City CrossFit is SO lucky to call Morgan OUR athlete. Thank YOU Morgan, for motivating more people that you can even comprehend, and for being a constant reminder of what is good and kind in this world.

How were you introduced to CF: my friend Melissa begged me for weeks to buy a groupon to do crossfit so she could get summer beach body ready in five weeks. I moaned and groaned about it and finally bought the groupon the last day and instantly fell in love. I’ve made so many friends and even met Nathan through crossfit which of course changed my life in a big way.

CrossFit PRs: I had a huge PR on the hero workout Murph. It wasn’t so much about my time but the fact that I did butterfly pull-ups and standard push-ups with my vest on.

Favorite Exercise: snatches of course!

Exercise Nemesis: burpees or thrusters thrusters are definitely my nemesis.

Fav “cheat” foods: ice cream, cookies, pizza, the list goes on

Proudest CF accomplishment: there’s not one thing in particular but I’m most proud of how hard everyone works out beside me and we all push each other to be our best.

If I created a WOD and named it after myself, the workout would be:

Handstand walk



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