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July Athlete of the month…

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July Athlete of the month goes to….

Nicole Langford!

Nicole has been crushing hard since the day she started with us – she moved here and immediately integrated herself with the BCCF community – joining in on social gatherings, big ‘ol pup-in-tow! Nicole shows everyone up whenever Olympic lifting is involved – this girl can move, fast- Although she would never admit it – her modesty is so respectable. This year she will even be trying out for the Asheville Fire Department, there is no ceiling for this one! Her work ethic, modesty, honesty and Justin Bieber shirts are what have earned her the spot of this months Athlete of the month… Good luck this week Nicole, we are all so proud of you and are honored to have you as one of our own.



Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach