Beer City/South Charlotte CrossFit Owner Abby McDonell | The universe face pushed me into a mountain.

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I don’t typically do “new years resolutions” …but this year, I felt like I needed to. This year was going to be “Abby’s year of firsts” venturing out of my comfort zone and trying things I’ve never done before. So when the stars aligned for me to take my first real Mountain Bike ride a few weeks ago, I listened, and I went for it!

Next thing I know, it’s two days later and i’m waking up in my bed, in horrible pain, swollen eyes/arms/feet/hands, road rash all over my shoulders and arms… but worse of all, my brain is not working. I keep asking Jeremy the same questions over and over again,  “What happened? I was with who? Where? Where are the kids? You weren’t with me?”

“You fell mountain Biking with Chris at Bent Creek, you were wearing a helmet, you were unconscious and in the hospital, were home now, you have a severe concussion, the kids are fine” …I would hear the answers, but they weren’t sticking. Id ask again, and again… When I started to realize that I had just asked these questions a few seconds prior… panic and anxiety set in. Whats happening? Why do I keep asking the same shit? I couldn’t move without excruciating pain in my head, I couldn’t have any light near me without my brain starting to pound in my skull…. I was down and out.

Fast forward to today. Doctors say Im good. My brain still has some lingering symptoms and my multi-tasking ability is lacking – but what’s new? IM FREAKING ALIVE & I’m walking & i remember everything thats important. I even lifted a 35# bar yesterday! Looking back, I can’t really believe this happened to me. Probably because I don’t remember ANY of Saturday/Sunday (and it has yet to come back).

Reflection: a few weeks without the ability to do much for yourself, will push you into some deep thinking moments. Why did this happen? Why now?

…I was overbooked. Story of my life. Camping, booth set up at Hola Asheville, A competition that night… and what did i do? Shove more in, try a little mountain bike ride before it all…

So the universe face pushed me into a mountain. …to slow me down; and I couldn’t be more thankful:

  • For my helmet – it saved my life. period.
  • For my body – it saved my neck. I CrossFit/ strength train, for a living; Yes, I was wearing my helmet, but i fully believe that if my neck had less support from my muscles,  I wouldn’t be typing this blog post right now. No longer will a workout be taken for granted, I will strengthen and love this temple to the best of my ability!
  • For my family & my community of supporters: Kids taken care of, meals provided and showered with messages of love prayers and positive vibes
  • For MY FREAKING ROCK STAR HUSBAND – he really loves me. Like truly, deeply. Its an amazing feeling and I can’t thank him enough for holding down the fort.
  • For the universe: For reminding me that slowing down, aint a bad thing, that my family is everything and that things can be taken from you in the blink of an eye.

It took an event like this, but my perspective is SHIFTED and i couldn’t be more thankful

Now, for my next first…. my first WOD back in the box. wish me luck!





Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach