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Beer City CrossFit| June, July, August AOM 🙃

By August 7, 2019No Comments

June-July-August athletes of the month… just because I’m a slacker in posting… doesn’t mean they are an less worthy!!!


We highlighted her at her very first competition, but we just can’t get enough!!

This girl, is one of the hardest working individuals we’ve met. She sets her mind on a goal, and goes for it! Kipping pull ups check ✅ Bar muscle ups ✅ first competition ✅ she’s even recently increased her training volume to include multiple workouts a day!

But above all, it’s her dedication to those around her that blows us out of the water. She’s the type of individual that will listen to your issues, give you the shirt off your back, and be there as you work through NOT making the same mistakes again. The gym is a better place for having her in it, and the woodlands are safer for having her protect it as a wildland Firefighter!! Miranda- you are so deserving. Congrats momma!!


For those of you who don’t know Raynor, he has come such a long way- in so many departments! muscle definition, mobility, and dedication to rehabbing injury to name a few. He began just after graduating the Asheville Fire Academy and has been a dedicated member ever since, not only committed to his daily consistency, but also to integrating himself into our community. Raynor is always lending a hand to members in need and helping the gym as a whole wherever possible. We are happy to have you Raynor and thankful for your continued support, you earned this!! 💛💪🏻


She came to us from GoldsFit- looking to take her fitness to the next level, and boy has she ever. CrossFit and barbell classes have transformed not only this woman’s lifting abilities, but her confidence inside and out!!! Being able to make it to the gym is one thing but this girl is a mom 🙌🏼 and has just recently been dubbed the title of 🔥Master🔥 that’s right- she pulled late nights with school to become a master in social work a baby and STILL prioritized her fitness!!! Talk about hard work ethic.

Natasha we can all learn from your dedication, congrats momma, you earned it ALL!!



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