Beer City CrossFit in Asheville, taking on the weight of the world.

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Anxiety. Depression. Overwhelm.

For some, “the most wonderful time of the year” can bring on a few different emotions. Not wonderful, at all, to say the least. End of year accounting, travel, gift purchasing, out of town visitors… With the coming of the new year, comes the expectation for change. Put all of this together, and it gets you (me, in particular) a seat on the couch, binging on Netflix docu-series eating a sleeve of Oreos… because, the new year will be… a new me. right? …not.

It wont be new. There’s no magic mental change that will take place from the 31st to the 1st, because, sorry folks – it’s just another day. So, instead of focusing on everything that is taking me over, everything that needs to be done, everything that I expect will happen – I’m going to the box. (another word for “gym” according to CrossFit junkies like myself).

Whats funny – is I’m not even here to workout. I don’t even have workout clothes with me to be honest. Im here to talk. to Mingle with friends. to sit on the turf, rolling my sore quads (from last weeks workout, mind you), in my jeans – on a foam roller. While my kids sit in the childcare room, cared for. Because my box – it’s more then just a gym to me. Its a group of friends, all in the same boat. From all walks of life, with all sorts of struggles. But when I’m here… those struggles disappear, the people inside of this box are my happy place. They bring me joy, companionship, and adult conversation (although I love my kids, I can only take so much, people). They remind me of why I work so hard, they encourage me with sarcastic humor, they SUPPORT me, no matter what version of myself shows up at the gym. They give me something to cheer for! My box is my tribe. My community. So, I will come as I am, sore, overwhelmed… and accepted.

Today may suck, but tomorrow can be different…

Won’t you join me?

See you at the box.




Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach