Beer City CrossFit

Gym Guidelines

Please reference below for Beer City CrossFit Rules

COVID Policies

  1. We have a strict 16 person cap per class, so reserving your spot through WODIFY is REQUIRED.
  2. All attendees are required to disinfect their space/equipment with supplies provided
  3. You may NOT attend class if you show ANY signs and/or symptoms associated with COVID.
  4. You may NOT attend class if you were exposed to or have been around anyone who has been exposed to COVID
  5. If you test positive for COVID you may NOT attend any classes for the 10 days following your positive test result

Bring a friend

Yes! We love visitors. If they are local and looking for a new gym, please have them go HERE to sign the waiver and reserve their spot for class.

If they are from out of town, have them go HERE to sign the waiver pay the drop in and reserve their spot for class


Yes! We have day use cubbies for your personal item storage while at the facility. Please take all of your items home with you. Any items left will be placed in the lost and found. Lost and found is donated at the end of every month.


Yes! We have a shower. It is used on a first come first served basis. Please bring your own towel. Any shower items must be taken home with you daily. Any items left in the shower will be placed in the lost and found weekly. Lost and found is donated at the end of each month.


Yes! We have daily supervised childcare, please check the schedule for available times.

  1. Please make sure you/your child pick up ANY messes made
  2. Childcare begins and ends promptly with the set class hour – do not leave your child early or pick them up late
  3. If your child is sick in any way, please do not bring them
  4. Snacks are permitted but must be PEANUT FREE.
  5. The childcare room and lobby space are open and available during unattended childcare hours for parents of children who are old enough to handle being on their own.
  6. If a child is having any issues that take away from the caregivers ability to provide to the other children, the parent will be called in
  7. You are responsible for your children at all times, we are not responsible for any injuries etc that may occur.


We have a strict no pets policy. No pets are allowed anywhere in or around the BCCF facility, please leave your pets at home.

Merchandise Sales

We have drinks, snacks gear etc. available for sale up front. Please make sure to use the tablet on the fridge to charge your account (directions posted next to it). If the tablet is being charged, please make sure that you notate your name and item being purchased on the Charge to Account (CTA) sheet on the refrigerator.


Due to strict sanitation efforts, we no longer provide chalk. You may however bring and use your own! All chalk marks on the ground, spills etc. must be cleaned up after use.

Open Gym

We have open gym available daily and is included with all memberships. Open gym can be used to supplement daily programming or to make up a WOD but is NOT coached by an instructor.

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Plans & Pricing

CrossFit Dietary

The CrossFit Dietary Prescription is as follows...(Meats, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, Some Fruit, Little Starch, NO Sugar.)


Should be lean and varied and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.


Should be predominantly low-glycemic and account for about 40% of your total caloric load. Fat should be predominantly monounsaturated and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.


Should be set at between .7 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass depending on your activity level. The .7 figure is for moderate daily workout loads and the 1.0 figure is for the hardcore athlete.

What Should I Eat?

In plain language, base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. That’s about as simple as we can get. Many have observed that keeping your grocery cart to the perimeter of the grocery store while avoiding the aisles is a great way to protect your health. Food is perishable. The stuff with long shelf life is all suspect. If you follow these simple guidelines you will benefit from nearly all that can be achieved through nutrition.

The Caveman or Paleolithic Model for Nutrition

Modern diets are ill suited for our genetic composition. Evolution has not kept pace with advances in agriculture and food processing resulting in a plague of health problems for modern man. Coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity and psychological dysfunction have all been scientifically linked to a diet too high in refined or processed carbohydrate. Search “Google” for Paleolithic nutrition, or diet. The return is extensive, compelling, and fascinating. The Caveman model is perfectly consistent with the CrossFit prescription.

What Foods Should I Avoid?

Excessive consumption of high-glycemic carbohydrates is the primary culprit in nutritionally caused health problems. High glycemic carbohydrates are those that raise blood sugar too rapidly. They include rice, bread, candy, potato, sweets, sodas, and most processed carbohydrates. Processing can include bleaching, baking, grinding, and refining. Processing of carbohydrates greatly increases their glycemic index, a measure of their propensity to elevate blood sugar.

What is the Problem with High-Glycemic Carbohydrates?

The problem with high-glycemic carbohydrates is that they give an inordinate insulin response. Insulin is an essential hormone for life, yet acute, chronic elevation of insulin leads to hyperinsulinism, which has been positively linked to obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, blood pressure, mood dysfunction and a Pandora’s box of disease and disability. Research “hyperinsulinism” on the Internet. There’s a gold mine of information pertinent to your health available there. The CrossFit prescription is a low-glycemic diet and consequently severely blunts the insulin response.

Caloric Restriction and Longevity

Current research strongly supports the link between caloric restriction and an increased life expectancy. The incidence of cancers and heart disease sharply decline with a diet that is carefully limited in controlling caloric intake. “Caloric Restriction” is another fruitful area for Internet search. The CrossFit prescription is consistent with this research. The CrossFit prescription allows a reduced caloric intake and yet still provides ample nutrition for rigorous activity.

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Plans & Pricing