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August Athlete of the month

By August 31, 2018No Comments

Danny Radcliff

There have been so many months, that Danny has been worthy of this honor! I am so glad to be giving it to him now. Danny is one of the kindest, compassionate, fun, loving soft-spoken men you will come across. He comes in, daily, scales to his ability level and goes all out. Danny has been told he needs Knee replacement, but instead of using that as an excuse NOT to follow a CrossFit regimen, he uses it as a way to find modifications that help strengthen everything around the knee – and work hard to keep the rest of his body strong. Danny isn’t the type of athlete that is looking to top the leader board, he’s the type of athlete that is looking to better himself for the sake of his own health. To be a better dad. To work hard out of the gym. For the longevity of his life. Danny is someone I have personally admired since the first day he stepped foot in the gym – because he doesn’t look to compare himself to others, which is a quality we can all learn from. Danny, we are so lucky to have you – and honored that you continue to choose us to be a daily part of your health and wellness journey.



Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach