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September athlete of the month….

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Matteo Volponi!

Matteo! We are so proud of you!!! Matteo came to us with basic level CrossFit skills, wanting to take his training to the next level… and boy did he ever! Matteo has been consistently hitting the gym since he joined with us, attending not only CrossFit, but Barbell club and proficiency clinics. One of the best things about working with him is that he WANTS to learn… he is constantly asking for feedback on his movements and takes adjustments like a champ. Another great thing about Matteo, is that he travels for work, sometimes for weeks at a time… but he doesn’t use that as an excuse not to get right back into his routine, upon  his return. We all know how hard coming back from an extended break can be!!

Matteo, on top of your willingness to learn and amazing improvements, your positive attitude and determination to grow helps every one around you! We are so grateful for you, congrats man – you deserve this!


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