BCCF is an elite coaching/training facility.

Our approach to crossfit is safe, progressive, interactive, challenging and fun.

Why Choose BCCF?

Beer City CrossFit Group Classes are instructed by experienced and professional Level 1 CrossFit Coaches. BCCF hires coaches that are top of the line. Our coaches have backgrounds in exercise science and nutrition, in addition to program design and professional athletics, which gives us a unique educational foundation. This dedicated coaching staff has completed many specialty courses and conducts internal continued education forums in order to provide you the highest quality instruction available.

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Our Approach

Beer City CrossFit designs it’s Group Classes to be safe, progressive, interactive, challenging and fun all while cultivating your highest level of fitness. At BCCF we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive coaching facility, thusly, we cap our classes at a maximum of 20 athletes. BCCF strives to maintain a 1:8 or greater, coach to athlete ratio. We do this in order to ensure our athletes get the attention they deserve.

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