Katie Currier!

May athlete of the month goes to this GEM. Seriously. gem. She is SO POSITIVE, so STRONG, so HAPPY, so SUPPORTIVE… I mean we can go on and on about this chick. But above all, she puts in the work. She makes up a work out she misses, even if it means doing multiple in one day. She could squat your mom and dad, and then pull out a piece of pizza from her purse to recover…. She jumped in head first with us at BCCF and we couldn’t be happier about it. Congrats Katie, we <3 you!

How were you introduced to CF: I played basketball through most of college and after I quit I had trouble getting into the swing of working out by myself. My gym had some interval classes and I really enjoyed the intensity and upbeat environment. I dabbled in CrossFit for a month here and there over the next few years but wasn’t able to be consistent until I moved to Asheville and joined BCCF.

CrossFit PRs: 300lb deadlift and 235lb back squat

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts and rowing

Exercise Nemesis: Burpees

Fav “cheat” foods: Ice Cream!

Proudest CF accomplishment: Probably when I hit 300lbs on my deadlift or whenever I get a new movement that allows me to do more Rx workouts.

If I created a WOD and named it after myself, the workout would be: Rowing for calories, deadlifts and weighted walking lunges

Favorite workout pandora station: Anything upbeat and loud so I can’t think about how badly I’m dying.

Overall 6 month goal: Better shoulder mobility so I can increase weight on my snatch and overhead squat.

What I love most about BCCF: I’ve always been a competitive person and BCCF let’s me channel that in a positive way. I love walking into the gym everyday and knowing that everybody in that room is there working their butts off to make themselves better. It’s an awesome feeling to have so many athletes and coaches around who push each other to be the best they can be.


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