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So. I dropped the ball. I had august AOM chosen, printed and set to share- then life got in the way. So, this month we will be honoring both July and August AOM together!


Andy Riegel

A coach?! Yes. A coach. but, an athlete too… and he deserves it!! Andy has been with us from (almost) our very beginnings. He has flown under the radar with such grace, you almost wouldn’t even recognize how hard he’s worked.

Andy is a man of few words, but he uses those choice words to encourage his 5:30 crew while training day in and day out in the “bro corner”

He can constantly be seen cruising the tops of the leader boards and competition podiums with his BCCF team, but you’d never hear from him, that’s he’s up there. Andy puts in the work where it’s needed, never complains (at least publicly) about what the metcon is, and transitions into coaching the 6:30 class as if the WOD didn’t affect him at all! On top of it all… his Olympic technique and coaching style has helped our athletes transform their lifts, no matter their level of experience, making everyone feel equivalent.

Beer City CrossFit is lucky to have Andy not only as a coach, but as one of our most competitive athletes – and we couldn’t imagine this place without him.

Congrats andy- we love you!


Tiffany Litsey


Tiffany!!!!! She’s a newer athlete to Beer City, but dang, does she bring the heat! You’ll never hear the mom excuse from This mom of two, though… Despite the tremendous amount of effort it involves- Tiffany brings her 2 BEAUTIFUL girls to the gym with her, and is happy to do it. In her opinion, bringing them shows the girls how important it is to be STRONG. Amazing, right?? On top of being the perfect role model to her girls, Tiffany shows the rest of us how hard work pays off. Just look as her abs- they’re tighter then half of us WITHOUT children!! Tiffany is always pushing hard at the box, going outside of her comfort zone… trying new movements… and is at a point where she is ALMOST RXing the MetCons! She’s even gotten her husband to join in on the fun.

Tiffany is a role model to us all… modest, strong, confident, pink-haired, motivated… superwoman.

Congrats Tiffany… you deserve it!

How were you introduced to CF:

was introduced to Crossfit a long time ago, but it was something I often did on my own at a “regular” gym. Then I started at HEW and really loved going there and met some really awesome chicks. It was these ladies that helped me decide to try out another place, a real crossfit gym. I went to Summit for a bit, but it never really stuck. After a while, about two years of not working out, Jane coaxed me into trying BCCF. She always had awesome things to say about this gym, so I thought after much a do, to give it a go. I quickly remembered how much I love sweating, being strong and showing my girls how important it is to take care of our bodies.

What’s your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is probably lunges of any sort. I am not so confident in all the Olympic lifts, but I know through time and hard practice that too, will get better and better.

Favorite cheat food?

Favorite cheat foods?? Well, people might hate this answer but its the truth. I HATE EATING!!! After having children, it was always a quick bite here and quick bite there. I eat because I have to not because I want to. So, I really don’t have a favorite cheat meal. I eat really well (pescatarian) and I also eat junk whenever I want; and junk to me is a pumpkin chocolate muffin from Earth Fare. Maybe I should start also paying better attention to eating to fuel my workouts and grow more muscle….hmmm, that could be a good goal.

What’s your proudest CF accomplishment?

My proudest crossfit goal thus far, is getting to the gym everyday with two children in tow. It really takes about two hours out of our day, to and from the gym and also having other things around the house already taken care of so I don’t have to do it when I get home (clean rooms and dinner ready). However, I am REALLY proud I figured out toes to bar. That moment was pretty awesome. I think I got 16 in a row that time πŸ™‚ eeeekkkk!!!!

If you crated a WOD what would it be?

My WOD would be called “The Real Pisgah” and it would be a combination of assault bike, squats, something that requires a lot of grip strength and core (not sure exactly what exercise that would be… farmers carry??).

6 month goal?

My goal for the next 6 months is really try to build strength and I really really want to work on my Olympic lifts, oh and also, keep showing up.

What do you like most about BCCF?

What I love MOST about BCCF, is certainly the people. The people are what make that place so fucking awesome. I am sooooo inspired by all the strong women there and I am so happy my girls get to see that being strong is awesome. And also, everyone is so lovely and helpful with the girls. Yup- the people. Coaches are all super helpful and non-judgmental. I have never felt over looked or have not seen anyone else be over looked. Everyone is equally as important.

BCCF is the shit. Thanks for making it happen πŸ™‚


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