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February Athlete of the Month!

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February Athlete of the Month goes to….
Jenna Jackson!
STUDIO 828 PHOTOGRAPHY - BCCF-127Jenna has not only brought her A game, but she has done it at 6am, an incredibly hard thing to do when its 20 degrees and dark outside. Cold barbells, snow, morning haze – none of that has phased her. A women of few words (until you get a few beers in her…. ;-P), Jenna listens to her coaches, supports her team mates, and is always striving to do her best. Not to mention, she has been a ROCK of a wife through her husbands (January athlete of the month Cory Jackson) medical ups and downs! #powercouple
Jenna not only kicks ass in the box, but she takes her fitness everywhere she goes, dodgeball, kayaking, RUNNING MARATHONS, she does it all and NEVER COMPLAINS!
We are so lucky to have you Jenna, you represent everything Beer City CrossFit stands for and we cant imagine this box without your support!

How did you start with Beer City CrossFit? Cory dragged me here (but I’m so glad he did!)
Favorite Exercise:  Snatch and Clean
Nemesis: Rowing and Overhead Squats
Favorite food: Ice cream
Accomplishment: FINALLY getting pull ups!
If i created a WOD it would be: Combo of running, box jumps, and heavy lunges
6 month goal: Chest to Bar, 155# Clean, Double Unders without getting pissed at the rope
What I love most about BCCF:   Umm, everything! BCCF has become a second home to us in Asheville.  The people, programming, and support are absolutely top notch.  There’s nothing I love more than crushing a challenging WOD with the 6am crew!!

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