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Monse Gonzalez!!


There are so many words to describe a Woman of so little words. She may be quiet but girl, does she put in the work like a fire breather!! 🔥

She came to us with no CrossFit experience, starting with a trainer bar and learning correct muscle activation, a feat all in its own. She attended gym socials and quietly integrated herself into the community, all the while, CONSISTENTLY attending mid morning classes. You could see her confidence SOAR. She’d ask for correct modifications to increase strength, said YES to learning complex movements when coach thought she was ready and slowly but surely, the weights started to increase.

Clean-jerk-snatch PRs… check.

CrossFit Open – check

Handstand Push-ups… CHICKIDY CHECK! 🐥

Monse’s smile can light up a room, her determination in the gym, on top of her schooling and 12 hour healthcare shifts are an inspiration to her coaches and gym peers…

Monse, we are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you.

Thank you for being AWESOME. 💛💫💪🏻


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