April athletes of the month goes to none other then our very own….

Lily Mukhamadiyarov

(its ok, she doesn’t expect you to know how to pronounce that last one….)

For those of you who don’t know her, Lily is the one with the huge smile, buff AF arms and perfectly sculpted hair and nails, she typically crushes early AM class times, which should justify having an award itself!! Lily has deserved this award each and every month since she began with us… literally, she is the poster girl for consistency and proper nutrition. She has tested every nutritional template out there, always willing to adjust to fit what her body needs, at that point in time. She can even tell you the exact calorie and macro totals for anything from an avocado to a pizza… seriously! ask her! Not only does lily train hard, eat right, and smile always, but she is so humble, never boastful about her gains and SO encouraging to her fellow WOD-ers. BCCF is better with you as a party of it Lily, congrats!!

May athlete of the month goes to

Jason Burke!!!

Man, this guy came on STRONG, With no real previous CrossFit experience and working through a few previous injuries, Jason set his mind to becoming proficient at the movements… and so he did! He consistently came to classes each week, came to clinics, dialed in on his nutrition and monitored his progress, inside and out of the box. He even recently biked From Asheville, NC to Folly Beach, SC. in 5 days, 375 miles, 356,366 calories (gives us a new respect for 23 cals on the Echo Bike….)! Not only an amazing and dedicated athlete, Jason is as good as a guy as they come – always bringing the beer! ;-P No but seriously, Jason has a heart of gold and we are so happy to have him in our BCCF posse – congrats!


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